Svetlana Shatunova

Master of Biotechnology, Bachelor of Biology

Professional Experience

2017 – current  Casual Staff Member (Tutor)

School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane

Notes: to improve skills in teaching


  • teach and lead tutorial groups during practical classes;
  • communicate and provide accurate advice to students and refer matters to others when required;
  • mark assessment and exam papers;



Students of the group supervised by me have passed their practical exam (2018).


2015 – 2017     Junior Research Fellow

Biotechnological Laboratory,Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia


  • Biotechnological Laboratory Management: performance of routine laboratory tasks as preparing reagents, buffers, microscopy, and maintaining/organizing lab supplies; manage laboratory safety; check safety related issues and routine waste handling issues; coordinate and train students for laboratory safety issues; the maintenance of cell cultures. Keep accurate and up to date records.
  • Supervision of 2 Honours students: scientific project planning (1. Production of astaxanthin reach feed supplement from Phaffia rhodozyma at low cost. 2. Biotechnological production of non-traditional beer); developing of innovative methods to increase astaxanthin concentration in yeast cells; discussion of interim and final results of the scientific study, implementation of scientific research data analysis, statistical analysis.
  • Performance of laboratory research projects: scientific project planning (Antifungal and antibacterial activity against bacteria and phytopathogens (Fusarium solani, Rhizoctoniasolani, Alternaria solani, Phytophtorainfestans, Erwiniacaratovora, Colletrotrichumcoccodes, Pectobacteriumatrosepticum, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans); implementation of the biological part of the project; analyse and reporting of scientific study results, extrapolate data to develop theories to explain results.



  • One of Honor student supervised by me has a research article published
  • Two research articles written in collaboration with my team


2013 – 2015    Director

StonePlaza (manufacturing company)


  • Manage business during study
  • Keeping company records and registers, preparation annual accounts.
  • Preparation and protection of business-plan
  • Management (budget, suppliers, financial issues, stuff issues)
  • Compliance with WP health and Safety


  • After two years of collaborated work with my team we opened two retail stores selling stone products in two cities of Russia (Ekaterinburg and Perm)
  • Obtaining a loan from the bank based on the results of protection of the business-plan
  • Company was sold for profit in 2015 to continue my study on full time base


2010 – 2012    Administrator

Sole Trader


  • promotion a retail trade, keeping company records and registers


2009 – 2010    Leading Expert

Federal Agency on Fisheries of Russian Federation


  • participation in conducting procedures for the placement of government orders for the delivery of goods, works, services


2004 2012       Sales Representative

Business Sole Trader


  • meetings, presentation and discussion of the benefits of the products that I offered to improve customers’ health, as well as the development of individual programs for health maintaining and preventing common diseases development.



  • English (Upper-Intermediate)
  • Russian (Native)


2017–current  Master of Biotechnology

The University of Queensland, Brisbane


  • GPA: 6.333


2014 – 2016    Master of Biotechnology

The Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia


  • Diploma with Honours (in TOP10)
  • One research articles (reviewed) and seven conference proceedings are published

1999 – 2004  Bachelor of Biology

Department of Biology of The Perm State University (PSU), Perm, Russia


  • Diploma with Honors (TOP 10)



Poster Presentations:

  • The Australian Society of Medical Research Queensland Postgraduate Student Conference. Poster presentation title: The role of vascular adhesion molecules in immune cells regulation (Brisbane, 2019).

Oral Presentations:

  • The International Conference of Young Scientists “Food Technologies and Biotechnologies” (Kazan, 2016). Presentation title: Brewery liquid waste utilization for carotenoid producer’s culturing
  • The National Scientific Conference “Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Genomics of Plants and Microorganisms” (Tomsk, 2016). Presentation title: Development of in planta agrobacterium-mediated transformation technique for seeds.
  • The XIII International Conference of Students, Ph.D. students and young scientists «Prospects of Development in Fundamental Sciences» (Tomsk, 2016). Presentation title: Effectiveness enhancement of in planta agrobacterium-mediated tobacco seeds transformation.



  • As the best presenter of The International Conference of Young Scientists “Food Technologies and Biotechnologies” (Kazan, 2016) was awarded the Honorable Diploma.
  • As the best presenter of The National Scientific Conference “Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Genomics of Plants and Microorganisms” (Tomsk, 2016) was awarded the Honorable Diploma.
  • For the excellent study was awarded the badge of the honors student and a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2015).
  • Was awarded a scholarship from the Government of the Russian Federation in the priority areas of the Russian Economy for the special success in educational and scientific activities (2015).



Oktoberfest Beer Festival

  • Being a Master student at the Ural Federal University, my team and I twice presented new types of beer in Oktoberfest Beer Festival as  manufacturers.